Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tidebuy is a scam, right?

When we are doing research, we found that there are too many online stores nowadays to catch our eyes. While, do you know which ones are good and with the better reputation? Here, I will introduce some ways for you:

First: Customer service. We can see that the good stores are always care too much about the feelings about their customers, no matter who made a mistake.If a customer can give one store some constructive suggestions, which means you will gain more benefits from the customers.Definitely good for improving their service.I think that you should appreciate those customers.Also, for good customer service, the online representatives would always think too much for the customers, not themselves. Don't you think so?

Second: Quality. Every customer pays much attention on the quality of the products. While, What I can say is that there is no"best" in the world although we all pursue the"best". Also, I need to mention here is that the value is proportional to the quality. Even you see some same items through different sites. Please don't think that the cheaper one will be good for you. Some products are same from our eyes, but we need to know more about the material. You need to think if it is comfortable for you. That is what counts.

Third: shipping. We all hope that we can get what we ordered as we expected and have you ever thought that there are many factors that affect the shipping. Let's say, if you purchase something along the festival, then you may get it slower than other time. Because the shipping company is really too busy on that period. For me, I think we need to shop at the exact time maybe if you are really eager to get it quickly.

Here, I will recommend you one good online store— I can't see that it is the best among all, but I can say it is the best one among what I have ever shopped. From my experience, no matter the customer service, quality or the shipping, Tidebuy could always do best. Once, I was in urgent to dress my evening dress to an important party. But the question is that I've just placed my order. Then tidebuy changed my shipping method to the expedited shipping for free. Now I am now still appreciated their deeds.

To my conclusion, Tidebuy may not be the best among all the online stores, but it is not a scam site. I highly recommend all my friends and families to shop there. You will find what you want and will definitely enjoy your shopping.For more feedback, please just feel free to visit Tidebuy Reviews.

Have a nice day and welcome your comments. 

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