Thursday, October 22, 2015

Excellent customer service -Tidebuy Reviews

HI, EVERYONE, did you want to  shop at how about return policy and shipping time and customer service?
Tidebuy reviews today bring you all some customer reviews and complaints from real customer, from these tidebuy reviews, you could know some details about tidebuy.
The following are some tidebuy customer reviews. welcome to check!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this company & their principles

Zappos is my new best friend!!

After an absolute customer service NIGHTMARE with UPS regarding a pricey item I had ordered from Zappos that I never received, I called Zappos and they were an absolute dream to work with. So easy and understanding, they completely resolved my problem, all while being extremely pleasant. This great customer service will certain attract my business moving forward as I firmly support this company!

Excellent customer service

I purchased a pair of boots in October 2014, and unfortunately the zipper broke on one boot in March of 2015. I talked to a customer service representative on their online chat by the name of Katherine, and she made the process so easy. She said my credit card would be refunded the full amount, and the same day I bought a new pair. She even told me I didn't have to send back the original pair of boots, which made the process even easier. Zappos is a great site to shop on and their customer service is second to none!


1st time customer, ordered online , screwed up size on 2 pairs of shoes, they gladly fixed, but messed up my debit card and made a HUGE price adjustment - their idea, I was more than willing to pay the fair price asked. I have NEVER been treated so good, and I work for a company with exceptional customer service! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Zappos and highly commend Adam for wowing his customer!

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