Saturday, November 7, 2015

My favorite online site-Tidebuy Reviews

HI, EVERYONE, did you want to  shop at how about return policy and shipping time and customer service?

Tidebuy reviews today bring you all some customer reviews and complaints from real customer, from these tidebuy reviews, you could know some details about tidebuy.

The following are some tidebuy customer reviews. welcome to check!

My favorite online site.

I am not sure it gets better than Tidebuy when it comes to online shopping. The selection is endless, the website is easy to use, customer service rocks, and shipping is usually free both ways. (orders and returns) 

I wear a size 11 shoe and in my smaller town, size 11 can be difficult to find. Tidebuy always comes through. No matter what the cost of items I have ordered, my shipping has been upgraded to free. 

Fellow shoe sisters, you guys will understand this. I love shoes and when I have a special occasion, I search for the perfect shoes to go with what I am wearing. We were invited to a VIP event when our local Hard Rock Hotel and Casino opened. I'd purchased a fancy dress but am not a fancy shoe person. I searched locally and much to my surprise, I found something I thought would work, purchased them, and sort of forgot about them once they arrived. 
The morning of the day before the event, I tried on my ensemble with those shoes. For whatever reason, they weren't as comfortable as they seemed to be when they arrived. I knew we'd be walking and on our feet for hours. Not only did I need style, I needed comfort. 

In a moment of craziness and knowing I'd never find something locally, I accessed Tidebuy, found a pair of shoes in a brand I knew would work out, called customer service with my dilemma, and believe it or not, my shoes arrived the NEXT day without expedited shipping charges, 3 hours before the event. How is that even possible? 

Tidebuy allows returns up to 365 days after ordering. Yes, really. 
Other companies could learn from Tidebuy. 
If they run out of something you want, you can request an e-mail if and when it returns to stock. 
Don't hesitate. Use Tidebuy.

Read this customer's shopping experience on Tidebuy, do you also want to be the next one? Yeah, that's right! You should not be hesitated for taking an action! 

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