Saturday, November 21, 2015

My sister shared the website with me.-Tidebuy Reviews

I heard that some people bought very beautiful dress from Tidebuy and also said that it's very reliable and helpful. Well so, real customers speak loudly than all, here let's read some tidebuy reviews from these customers.

Very simple to use, nice ration price/quality

"I've found this store online and I saw it has very low prices. I made my first order very recently and already received it. Loved the products, they have a very nice ratio price/quality, it's very easy to understand or to order something. I'm very satisfied."

My Shopping in tidebuy

My experience in tidebuy has been very good , I like that they have varied and beautiful products , buy two size dresses plus three days processed the package and a week later I received , excellent quality clothing, it's just like the picture show , definitely a good experience.


Tidebuy is a great site!!!!!!! This site at first looked to good to be true but after reading some youtube comments i realized its just my lucky day! First time I ordered from this site i got a purse, watch and bathing suit. All stuff i have seen online on blogs or instagram. The total cost was pretty low so i thought what could i lose? NOTHING. My watch is just what i saw in the pictures. the bathing suit is thicker product then i would have thought for $12. The purse was great too. If you're worried about the product read reviews. The stuff i ordered didn't all have review but it worked out fine. People expect fast delivery but if you accept your getting a great deal and you just have to wait a month tops...i think you can live. TIDEBUY IS GREAT AND I WOULD RECOMMEND TO A FRIEND NO PROBLEM. ITS LIKE AN AMAZING SECRET THIS SITE!"

Now, you know something about Tidebuy, and i believe you will love it. If you still want to know more information on Tidebuy, such as shipping time, return policy and so on, just come to tidebuy reviews to know more. 

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