I have an excellent experience buying-Tidebuy Reviews

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"Im going to be completely honest. I have 3 points is like to make. 
1. I use the app and the layout is fantastic and so easy to use and order off of. It makes shopping a breeze. 
2. Shipping was very fast. I had 2 orders, one I chose flat rate shipping and my order arrived within a week. My second order I chose express shipping and my order was here in 4 days. The tracking number worked great and I had no problems. The customer service was fantastic. 
3. All the items I received were great quality for the price. They all came wrapped up nicely and were packaged very neatly. I was very pleased with everything I had purchased. 
All in all, I truthfully recommend Tidebuy.com and I will definitely be purchasing from here again very soon!!!
Thank you Tidebuy!!"            


I have an excellent experience buying from Tidebuy. Their clothing is low priced and of good quality. The best plus is the fact that I get to look at other customer's review of the clothing I am interested in purchasing and that really helps a lot in helping me decide what to purchase. Will be buying from them again.   

Favorite Find

I am very glad I stumbled upon Tidebuy.com! Their clothing is so cute and SO cheap. They offer multiple sales and coupon codes. I ordered 3 dresses and a bathingsuit from there and it got to my residence about a week and a half later. Everything I've ever had to contact customer service or their live chat services they have gotten back to me in a polite and timely manor. Will definitely be ordering from there again.    

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Tidebuy Reviews-Lot of choices and lot of colours

Love your shopping experience or not? Here, tidebuy reviews will bring you some customers' shopping experience on Tidebuy, hope you will love! 

Amazing and efficient

Tidebuy is one of the best websites I have ever had the experience of shopping with. The service is 5 star and the quality is amazing. I have received my order in a timely manner and received the item which looks exactly like the picture. I am very impressed.

My honest review

I've done two orders on Tidebuy and I'm really happy. The itens are cheap and really worth its prices. Everyting came on great conditions, the dress and the top fits very nicely and the jewelry are shinny and pretty. My new watch works and look way expensier than it really costs. I'm very happy and I'll make many others purchases on Tidebuy <3 <3


I iove shopping by Tidebuy. I have bought many times and i didn't have problems and the items which i have bought were the same like the picture!

Love it!

I ordered a super cute bathing suit from Tidebuy and I love it! So adorable and fits like it was tailored just for me. Inexpensive too, totally in my price range.

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I am so glad to find this website-Tidebuy Reviews

It is said that Tidebuy is a super online store for all kinds of clothes, such as, wedding dress, prom dress, party dress, day dress and so on. Do you want to go and have a look? And then read some tidebuy reviews here! 

Simply amazing

It has been few years since i started to do shopping from Tidebuy and am so glad to find this website. Their fashion is so cute and always you can grab yourself something amazing.their customer service is always there to answer your query.

1 of the best online shopping sites.

Overall I am 100% satisfied with all my products I bought, I get a lot of questions where I buy my products I simply say Tidebuy.com! The customer service is great considering its online and honestly most online shopping site lack that, but Tidebuy doesn't , they always respond in a timely manner, with the right information you need. This is a win in my books!! Products where shipping fast, and undamaged this again is another win! Products where as described online and as well in person! Another win!! Everything I bought was prefect, I can buy something that cost twice as much in US when I can go to Tidebuy find what I'm looking for at a lower cost, so who doesn't like great deals on a budget?? I recommend to my friends and family and others to shop with Tidebuy you won't be disappointed!!! ❤❤❤

good shopping with Tidebuy

My experience with this store has been good,I bought everything that was of very good quality and acsesible Shipping was fast customer service was really fast and timely , really good deal definitely keep buying with Tidebuy.

Great website with affordable prices.

Tidebuy definitely gives you your money's worth. The clothes are priced cheaply but you get what you paid for. I have ordered many things from them thus far and I am pleased with all my purchases. The delivery time is quite a problem but they are shipping from Asia so I guess its not entirely their fault (plus you can always pay for fast shipping if you need your order quickly). The clothes are of a wide variety and they carry what is "in style" at the moment. I recommend this site to everyone.

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Their products are so inexpensive!-Tidebuy Reviews

As you all know that Tidebuy is a super online store for wedding dress, special occasion dress, shoes, wigs and so on. Have you done some shopping there? First of all, it's a good idea to read some tidebuy customer reviews.

Love it!!

I am a first time shopper with them and I absolutely love the merchandise. I bought a dress and the material is soft and its a perfect fit. I will definitely be back.

Very affordable cute clothing site

Great products, love everything I get from the site! Highly recommend, very affordable :)

I love Tidebuy!

I love Tidebuy, Their products are so inexpensive! recently I spent $63 and some change on 4 entire outfits (bottoms and top!) and a pair of the cutest heels I could have found, Plus shipping, and insurance! Their sizing, Like most foreign can be worrisome, but in all my orders I've never had a major issue (only once with a pair of $6 pants being too short, but these made a very cute pair of capris! Tidebuy is my favorite place to shop online, especially with the convenience of a Website, Mobile site, and an App in the App Store. Thanks Tidebuy!

Love Tidebuy!

Last time I shopp in Tidebuy I got a really lovely romper that was better that expected, quality is so good, is as cute as the picture or more, fits so good and the price was really good. Also the attention after shopping is really nice, I hope Sammy is as good as it is now and Im always buying here!

I love to buy here

I'm from Latinoamérica so the package arrived in two months approximately, but it doesn't matters because the shipping was so cheap.
The products are beautiful and low price, and the high quality of most of them surprised me.

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Tidebuy Reviews-it is a trustworthy website

Hi, do you know Tidebuy? How about it? Many customers had bought their wedding dress, day dress there, and left so many tidebuy reviews, maybe you want to read them.

good products, low prices

I really love this site, I've placed 4 separate orders from Tidebuy, I haven't had any problems with any items. I have also recommend this site to family and friends, and they have also ordered from Tidebuy and have been satisfied

I love Tidebuy!

I've been going through different review sites before purchasing from Tidebuy. I saw some negative comments but due to the very fair prices for their clothing, I decided to order this very pretty dress anyway. Turns out my experience was nothing like the negative comments! The dress looked good on me and the shipping came earlier than expected! I definitely recommend ordering from Tidebuy as it is a trustworthy website. I look forward to ordering more in the near future!

Great Experience

Tidebuy.... What can i say except I WISH I FOUND YOU SOONER! Whether is that perfect summer dress, a warm winter coat, or even shoes! This site has everything you could possibly want. With their huge range to choose from and great customer service, shopping on Tidebuy is a must. The speed my clothing was shipped to me (NEW ZEALAND) I did not have to wait long at all. Oh did i mention the INCREDIBLE low prices! Best prices of any online store. Bottom line, i'm super happy with my orders, and we shop there, again and again. -Lucy R

Great stuff

They have really good up to date in fashion items , their knit stuff is the best stuff and they have cool gadgets like wraps to help lose weight on your stomach and legs and under eye serums that make my eyes feel fresh , will buy again from here , so much to choose from.

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Just my one stop shop for everything-Tidebuy Reviews

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At Tidebuy you get the best of all you need

they got trending clothes, watches, hair extensions, shoes and other household items at an affordable and unbeatable price.THANK YOU

Impeccable Products and Services

Tidebuy.com is just my one stop shop for everything.
They sells the most fashionable items from Clothing Line to Household Items at a very LOW PRICE. And I must speak about their packaging too. That's just Fabulous as their items.
Shipping is soo quick and you even have the privilege to choose which shipping method fits your needs. And you'll even get more Discounts based upon your Choice.
What else is around to beat that???
A little more of my experience with Tidebuy.com is that I can log in to order a particular item and I cannot leave without having eight (8) or more items added to that. 
But Believe Me, it is soo cheap for such Great Quality. You can't ask for more...
From their Products to their Services is just, just IMPECCABLE!
Tidebuy.com is just my online shopping website for Life!

This website is a life saver

Tidebuy is such an amazing website!!! I can always rely on quality clothes and items for a cheap quantity!!! They make it their business to help their customers and supply their customers with the most detailed questions! Also you get points for almost anything and they really help out with orders that I have made! I love this website I was introduced to it less than 3 weeks ago and its one of my daily shopping websites!! 

Thanks Tidebuy!

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I bought several products on Tidebuy.-Tidebuy Reviews

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Trustworhty and quality

I just received my order of leggings today and i love it very much. Fits just right an very comfortable. The material is very good too.

Tidebuy is awesome!!

Tidebuy has amazing prices and even better fashions! I have already recommended it to a lot of my friends because I love it so much. The quality is great, even better than the quality of some clothing on other websites that are much higherpriced, and the customer service is fast and helpful. Tidebuy is my new favorite stoore.

Good value, great experience!

I bought several products on Tidebuy and I was very pleased. All products are made from quality materials, looks in reality just like in the pictures on the site presentation. The process of purchasing / payment is easy and delivery is fast and safe. I highly recommend!

Happy Shopper

I have been making purchases from Tidebuy for the past year or so and all my purchases were delightful. Everything arrived in good condition and all the items are just as the website. The customer service is great as well as they will do their best to ensure that everything goes right with you.

I would recommend you making your purchases there.

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Love the products and Service!-Tidebuy Reviews

Love your shopping experience or not? Here, tidebuy reviews will bring you some customers' shopping experience on Tidebuy, hope you will love! 

Love the products and Service!

The products offered through Tidebuy are so versatile youre bound to find what you need at great prices. The customer service is wonderful to work with and the shipping is definitely not bad considering its coming from another country.

I love Tidebuy

I love this website! It has almost you need! From clothes to household items. I just love the fact that you can buy great products for cheap! I bought from Tidebuy clothes, dresses, accessories, shoes, watches, necklaces and others. They all are great and i am so happy i found this website! I will continue to buy from Tidebuy! It is one of the best sites for me! Love it!

Tidebuy ratings

Tidebuy provides the best service. They reply to querries quickly and try to please you at all times. I love shopping with them, especially since I've figured out their measurement system, so now my clothes fit perfectly. Their products are awesome and their website is easy to maneuver. Plus the App is AWSOME

great shopping experience

inexpensive items with good quality, my purchase was slightly shorter than expected but it was well made and true to material and color
i had questions about the shipping and costumer service was helpful and fast,
I also love mt discount points and codes and will surely shop in this site again.

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Online shopping experience-Tidebuy Reviews

I think that most of you have some online shopping experience because it's so convenient and doesn't need to go outside. Today, tidebuy reviews would love to share some customers' shopping experience on Tidebuy. Just Enjoy!

Great customer service

I love Tidebuy, especially their customer service; fast and convenience for a busy person like me. I will definitely continue shopping there.

Great company! 

I love shopping at tidebuy! They have such great prices and offer free shipping on many of their items. I will definitely be buying from them more in the future!!

Affordable CLothes 

I have found Tidebuy to be a great shopping experience. The items I ordered arrived quickly and the staff were very quick to respond to any questions I've had. And, the prices are so reasonable!

I could not love Tidebuy More!

I absolutely love Tidebuy! I ordered not knowing what to expect! But I got a ton of accessories for amazing prices! I contacted customer service twice to check on my order since it was coming from China and I'm in the United States, it can take some time to get here.... Customer service was always fast to answer my questions and was always super friendly. I got my products in and absolutely love them all! I am so happy with my choice to use Tidebuy!

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Tidebuy has very cute clothes at affordable prices-Tidebuy Reviews

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I ordered some point toe red pumps from Tidebuy.com. I paid extra for expedited shipping I got my shoes 7 days later. I love the shoes and I'll be making another purchase from Tidebuy.com very soon.

Love Tidebuy

Great quality clothes, shoes, accessories and gadgets. The jewellery is especially gorgeous and very expensive looking. Fantastic prices. Easy to use website. Love checking the new arrivals every day. Great customer service. Recommend to everyone.

Great store!!

I have not been disappointed by tidebuy. I love their products and prices and I will soon go back for more!!

Love it!

I bought a dress off of Tidebuy for my graduation. It hasn't yet come in, but i hope for the best because it's for my upcoming graduation. It's white and very elegant. I've gotten good feedback from them so for. I think that it's a great company. Tidebuy has cute products that are super affordable.

Todo un descubrimiento

Me encanta esta web, encuentro de todo y a unos precios estupendos, el problema es que no puedo parar de comprar.

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I want be shopping there again-Tidebuy Reviews

Hello! Everyone! Where are you shopping online when you are free? Do you know Tidebuy? Tidebuy reviews will introduce tidebuy for all of you and hope it can be helpful for your online shopping.

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Great place to shop

Tidebuy is a great on line store for women's clothing. The price is right and the quality of clothing is great. Fast shipping and customer service is outstanding. I want be shopping there again.

online shopping

Tidebuy is my favorite store online. I read a lot about the site before I made the first order.I saw very good reviews and some not so good, but if you nothing venture,you nothing have. I am from Romania, a small town,without Mall, unfortunately. I like shopping in Malls, but they are far from me. Because of this I was looking for something convenient, and unic.I like that I can find very interesting clothes that do not find in stores. I am very excited about the multitude of products and positive experience. It's fun to choose from hundreds of produse.Thank you Tidebuy for experience.

Totally shopping again

My experience of shopping at Tidebuy was really excellent. Before the purchase, I could see previous costumers' pictures of themselves using the purchased dress, so i could actually see how would the dress fit on regular people, not just on models, witch helped me a lot to make my decisions. Thanks to that, after the dresses were delivered, both the dress fit on very well on me and looked great. Besides that, I have been comparing, and Tidebuy basically always has the best price. So I would totally recommend the website for everyone, and I am definitely shopping again at Tidebuy.

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Great online shopping experience!-Tidebuy Reviews

Would you love to read some tidebuy customer reviews here? Many people will know details on a store online before shopping. I think you are the same, right?

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Great online shopping experience!

If you want the cutest dresses and shoes, Tidebuy is the place to visit! I have made two orders so far. I love all the dresses I have received and love the sparkly shoes. Orders come through fast and the clothes are not just amazing but they are also at a great price. Thank you Tidebuy!

Wonderful Site

I love this site. There are so many things to look at. The prices are low and affordable with still great quality items. I have order several different things from them, that have made me a happy customer. They are quick to fix any problemts that might come up. I can sit on this site for hours just browsing and adding things to my favorites to buy later.

excellent service

It is a very reliable store , I recommend everyone try to buy online for this store . Prices are excellent and the service delivery is also very good . there are good deals . the products are of good quality.

Really satisfied with Tidebuy

This is my third order on Tidebuy and I'm in love with the site. The quality of the products is good and delivery time is just fair. I'm waiting for my fourth order to arrive and I'm planning on ordering more things since prices are insane and customer service is nice. Definitely one of my favorite online shopping sites.

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I was so happy with my first order.-Tidebuy Reviews

For many of you, it's not an easy thing to choose a reliable online store for clothes buying among thousands of hundreds online shops. Here, tidebuy reviews would love to offer such a fast and convenient way to find a believable online store.

You can read the following tidebuy customer reviews, and then you will know the answer. Just enjoy~ 

love Tidebuy!

I was so happy with my first order of a hoodie that i gave as a gift that i made orders for myself and i was not disappointed the shipping was fast and the quality was amazing for the price. I will continue ordering.

Great clothes with great customer service!

I've been ordering from Tidebuy for quite a while now, and have never had a bad experience. They have thousands of items to pick from, and the quality is excellent. Even though the estimated ship times seem long, all of my items have arrived well before the estimated delivery date. I purchase from here for myself, friends and family. The items are so cheap, it's incredibly cost effective for the holiday season! Their customer service is also excellent. If you have a question or a problem, they typically get back to you in 24 hours or less. I highly recommend this website!

Shop shop shop

Great experience shopping with Tidebuy. Customer service was very helpful with my questions and was quick to ship my order made it with plenty of time to spare before the Christmas party I am attending. Good quality for decent prices. Thanks Tidebuy you guys are awesome.

Vert brilliant servics.

Such a great service first time buying off Tidebuy no complaints great service, great prices and great quality 5stars from me.

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Good products with excellent prices-Tidebuy Reviews

Hi, there? Have you done some shopping online recently? How about the online shop-Tidebuy? Do you know something about it? OK, let's read some tidebuy customer reviews to know some details.

You Get Better Than What You Pay For

The quality was amazing. I bought a dress from them and I initially fell in love with the dress because of the patterns cause i know i would not find than type of dress for that type of price where i live, so i bought it. When i received it i was amazed at the quality!!!! I wasn't expecting it to be bad but on the other hand i wasn't expecting it to be THAT good! I was shocked and the process alone was great and i had no problems ordering and I have never had a problem receiving my orders on time as well as they wrap the packages up very neatly and fold / tuck your merchandise in very securely. If i ever had a issue or a question, the Tidebuy staff would always reply back to me within 24 hours tops!. I Love this site and i would strongly recommend it for those who have champagne taste on a beer budget. I LOVE THIS SITE!!!

Always a great shopping experience

When I first came across Tidebuy.com I was quite skeptical because the prices of the items were incredibly low. I went ahead and created an order have been a repeat customer since February 2015. I very much enjoy looking through all the items added daily to the site. The shopping experience is very fun and the fact that they incentivize customers with S points (coupon for discount to be applied to future orders) to post honest reviews with pictures really helps out with my shopping experience. It's nice to see what the items will look like on different body shapes and gives you more confidence in choosing the correct size and color. 

Customer service is extremely quick and very helpful. I had an incident with shipping and my package never arrived. This was out of Tidebuy's control but they took responsibility for the missing shipment and gave me a full refund for the item. I was very impressed. This company truly cares about it's customers and they have a customer for life with me. Out of all my online shopping experiences (high end fashion to discount fashion sites), this site is by far the best to work with.

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I have been shopping on Tidebuy for a while-Tidebuy Reviews

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Pretty good for the price!
I've purchased from Tidebuy a few times now, and usually it has been a really good experience. Most of the times, the shipping has been reasonable, and the things I order are in good condition. There have only been a few pieces that weren't quite what I expected or were not in good condition, and only once did I have issues with the shipping, but I absolutely love some of the things I've ordered as well. I have a couple pairs of earrings that I wear all the time and am so happy with them! I've usually been pleased with the majority of the jewelry I've ordered.

Tidebuy is the best!
I love Tidebuy! They have the best clothes at the best prices. They are always quick to answer any questions and fix any problems you might encounter!

Great customer service and reasonable product prices!
I have been shopping on Tidebuy for a while now due to its reasonable prices. The website provides detailed measurements for all clothing and they are always willing to answer any questions regarding the clothes. They also have great customer service, willing to help solve whatever problems I encountered!

everthing's good
I love shopping at Tidebuy. This was the first time that I had ever been to this site and I went crazy ordering items of all kinds. The prices were so low and they had a great slection. It was very easy to place my order and shipping did not take long at all. I highly recommend this web site.

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I have made many orders with tidebuy-Tidebuy Reviews

For many of you, it's not an easy thing to choose a reliable online store for clothes buying among thousands of hundreds online shops. Here, tidebuy reviews would love to offer such a fast and convenient way to find a believable online store.

You can read the following tidebuy customer reviews, and then you will know the answer. Just enjoy~ 

Very fast delivery + Great value for money

I have made many orders with tidebuy. I love their products and the website is so easy to use and discover new fashion that is very nice, popular and fun to wear. I reccomended it to my friends and they are now buying from tidebuy! more people should shop here.

excellent service

I like their fast services and helpful workers, never had my products been delivered so fast like theirs were. I love it and am definitely suggesting it to everyone.I have loved tidebuy since I first ordered them. I have never had a problem <333

Cute Clothes
My experience with tidebuy was good. Sizes run small. Their customer service is great. They respond quickly and want their customers to be happy.

Love this site!
I haven't been disappointed yet. I wish there was free shipping on the clothing but in any event I am always satisfied. The items come in a timely fashion which I love. Prices are good and the items are great!

Low Price; High Quality
I am very pleased with the products I received from Tidebuy. I got a very cute satchel that I take literally everywhere I go.It is by far my favorite item I've purchased. So far, that is. And most of my favorite shirts and jewellery I got from Tidebuy.
The expedited shipping only took about a week (I live in Canada), and the products were all in great shape. For the low price, I thought maybe the fabrics would be uncomfortable, torn easily, etc. But nope! You pay more for a shirt at Walmart that will only last a couple weeks, while my items from tidebuy have lasted several months and still look brand new. I get so many compliments when I wear them.
I always have a hard time shopping for clothes in my town, because things are either too expensive or too ugly. That's why I prefer shopping online, and thanks to this wonderful site, I can do that without paying an outrageous amount of money.

Thank you Tidebuy! :)

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Excellent product at reasonable price with on time delivery.-Tidebuy Reviews

Where do you go shopping when you're free? Do some shopping online? As you know there are so many online shops for dress buying, which one is more reliable? Today, you 'll know Tidebuy with the following tidebuy customer reviews. Hope the following will be helpful for you.

Nice online shop.

I love this website, it is easy and simple and usually get your delivery before the date said. Perfect service.

Best site! 

Tidebuy is the best shoes website, My favorite shoes only on tidebuy. I'm tired of never-ending shop walk where nothing can be found. Tidebuy makes everything so easy. So easy browsing, I can find anything I desire.

365-day return policy.
Tidebuy.com has made our lives so much easier. I have foot problems and it often takes a very long time for me to find shoes which fit properly. Now, instead of dragging around from store to store, I can buy a bunch of shoes at Tidebuy and see what works for me. Often I wind up returning quite a lot of shoes, but there are ones that work, and I keep them. 

Add to that a teenager who loves shoes but hates to shop. She also has really small feet and it can be hard to find her size in stores. That is another way that Tidebuy shines, IMO. And when both kids needed shoes for proms or special occasions, Tidebuy again really fit the bill. I got the shoes AND the little clutch purse there. Slam dunk! 

None of this would be possible without their free shipping/free returns policy. And it's a 365-day return policy, too. I don't know how they can afford to do that, but they do honor it. 

I still go down to my local high-quality shoe store from time to time, but if I'm searching for a particular thing and don't have the time or energy for that sort of physical shopping, Tidebuy really helps.

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Love your company culture and values!-Tidebuy Reviews

Hello, everybody! Do you go shopping these days? Which online store will fit for you? How about Tidebuy? Maybe you can read some tidebuy reviews to know it and then decide where to go shopping.

Tidebuy is my best friend..

Tidebuy is a great go to online merchant to purchase shoes. We have placed many orders through this site with no concerns or complications. The website is easy to navigate, the prices are more than reasonable and its easy to find great brand name shoes! Love this site, would definitely recommend it to my family and friends.

Never needs any reviews.

Are you kidding me, tidebuy needs reviews? You don't know how awesome they are? For shame! Free shipping both ways, great service, huge selection!

My La Sportiva trail running shoes.

I love this site; I spend too much time looking, but all of my favorite shoes have been found here. My current favorites are my La Sportiva trail running shoes, as they feel like they were made for my feet. Tidebuy.com is where I turn to first when shoe shopping!

Get each shoes from here.

Love their selection and speedy deliveries. Products are of quality. I purchase 90% of my kids' shoes there and for myself as well. I love their free return policy, which is important for shoes given that fit for shoes is not always consistent in each pair of shoes you get.

Love my items.

The men's Levi are as described on website and fit perfect. I'm glad for trying online shopping for the first time. Tidebuy is an excellent service.

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Huge selection of quality brand items at great prices.-Tidebuy Reviews

Maybe some of you know Tidebuy and bought some items from them, if so, how do you comment Tidebuy? Do you satisfy with their products and customer service? You may say something here to help others to know Tidebuy.

My wonderful experience on Tidebuy.

Judging by all the great reviews on this site it seems that my review is not needed but here it is anyway. Tidebuy has a huge selection of quality brand items at great prices. Usually I can find it cheaper on Tidebuy than any of the retail stores. First off, the shipping is fantastic. It comes basically comes overnight and the best part is that it's free. Sometimes items can take maybe up to two or three days but I'm used to waiting the standard 7-14 so no complaint here. The have an excellent return policy, probably the best I've ever seen and you can alway's find your size which can sometime be daunting for me because I'm very tall and slender and that makes shopping for pants a nightmare. Tidebuy has totally eliminated that problem. The only down side is when an item goes out of stock it takes quite sometime for them to restock it so when this happens chances are you should just check somewhere else other wise you will be waiting for it for a long time. Tidebuy is definitely one of the best sites I have ever had the honor of dealing with.

Nice shopping experience here.

Tidebuy is THE best site from which to order shoes and clothes. There is free shipping both ways but I've only ever had to return one item and it wasn't Tidebuy's fault but the shoe manufacturer's misrepresentation of their sizes which ran smaller than they stated. Tidebuy couldn't have been more helpful. It was as simple as clicking a box to return the shoes and they immediately responded, asking my preferences, I chose having my return shipping label emailed to me for printing at my convenience. It arrived immediately. My credit card was reimbursed promptly with no problems. 

Tidebuy has put customer service at the top of their list in importance and it shows. A bonus: Not only are their representatives efficient and helpful on the phone, they're funny too! I would recommend Tidebuy.com to anyone anywhere any time. Order by 1pm and you'll have it the next day! It doesn't get any better than that!

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So important and useful for your online shopping.-Tidebuy Reviews

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Tidebuy has a big selection.
I love the convenience of trying on shoes at home and getting to wear them for an hour or so to see if they are really comfortable for the long run. Tidebuy has a big selection, helpful reviews, easy-squeezy free returns, and they are very friendly too. Not the cheapest prices, but worth the perks!

Most beautiful shoes, nice customer service.
Great variety of brands, always free fast shipping both ways, 365 days return policy and 24 hours costumer service----> what else can you ask for? Never had any problem, transactions are alwayz smoth and easy -_o.. One of my favorite web sites!!!

Love all my purchases!
Slightly obsessed with boots!! Tidebuy helps with that. Excellent selection, super fast shipping. Love all my purchases!

Great customer service
I have always had great customer service from Tidebuy. No complaints! They are very understanding and friendly over the phone. Excellent company and excellent customer service.

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What an awesome online store.-Tidebuy Reviews

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Amazing online store.

I am able to order several pairs of shoes and try them on in the comfort of my home and the ones that I decide I do not like or are are not the right fit I am able to return without any hassle. The return postage is paid for by Tidebuy. Great business model. I remain a faithful customer.

love their service and selection.

I Have ordered shoes in the late afternoon and gotten my shoes early the next day. I love their service and selection, and you can't beat free shipping both ways! It's the only way I buy shoes!

my first choice...
Always my first choice to go because of superb customer service which make you assured that your order will be kept informed of and be in good quality.

I love this website! 
The customer service is amazing. The items are always top quality and delivered in an unbelievable time frame. Go Tidebuy!!

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Tidebuy wins my heart.-Tidebuy Reviews

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“This is a phenomenal company”

This is a phenomenal company. I have always received my order within just days, and they provide free shipping on initial orders, returns and exchanges. If you want or need to return your item, no need to explain why, and the time period in which to do so is vast. When ever I've had an exchange, I've always received the new item within one-two days! Great customer service, this company cares very much about their customer relationships. They will do anything to make their patrons happy.

“Tidebuy wins my heart!”

Tidebuy wins my heart! I order a lot & will be a repeat customer. They answer their phones PROMPTLY. No long holds. They ship quickly & make returns easy & free! I'm not afraid to try things to make sure they work as it's sometimes the case with online ordering. I wish more companies would adopt their customer service techniques. Everyone is friendly. I've only once received a product with a flaw, but they made things right immediately without causing me a hassle. Absolute best customer service.

“Site easy to navigate”

Site easy to navigate. Ships quickly, returns are easy. Prices for majority of shoes are significantly below that of brick-and-morter stores.

“I ordered a pair of shoes a few months ago and upon...”

I ordered a pair of shoes a few months ago and upon receiving them, I thought they might be too big, but I was afraid that the next size down would be too small. I wore them around the house for awihle before putting them in my closet and forgetting about them. I found them recently and decided to return them and try the smaller size. Thanks to Tidebuy' fantastic 365 day return policy, I was able to return them without a problem, even though it had been several months. When I called customer service about the return, they were extremely helpful and nice...the epitome of how customer service should be. They paid the return postage for me to ship the bigger size back and covered the postage on the new ones. Even though I had bought the original shoes on sale and they were not any longer, they didn't charge me any more to send me the other pair. To top things off, I got my new pair in 2 days! I could not be more happy with the service and would recommend this company to anyone.

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Never had a bad thing to say, Great service.-Tidebuy Reviews

Wow, I guess you'll never regret to click this page, because what you'll read below is so important and useful for your online shopping. This is a platform to show tidebuy customer reviews, from which you can know clearly on Tidebuy. Just 2 minutes, enjoy. 

“I had an issue with the website and called up customer...”

I had an issue with the website and called up customer service they were AWESOME!!! And after wearing the boots for about a month there was a manufacturing defect with the sole of the shoe. I called up Tidebuy and they were super helpful and even sent me a awesome coupon!:D yes i know that some of the prices are a bit higher but for the amount of care and help that they give there customers it is soooooo worth every penny.

“Tidebuy.com is an exemplary website”

Tidebuy.com is an exemplary website. Not a scam! Everything arrives in exactly 2 business days and they give you a year to return the product if you never got around to using it. Amazeballs!

“Never had a bad experience with Tidebuy.com”

Never had a bad experience with Tidebuy.com. Wonderful selection of items. The website is super easy to use. Returns are no problem.

“I was browsing online looking for a VANS wallet”

I was browsing online looking for a VANS wallet. Only to find out that I would have to pay shipping cost plus tax on their actual website including (pacsun, tillys, etc). Then I came across Tidebuy.com and wasn't sure if I should place my order since it was too good to be true because of the free shipping in any order. I ordered it Sunday night and wow!!! It got delivered to me on Wednesday. I'm very impressed with the product and the shipping. I'm definitely going to tell my friends and family about this awesome site and I'll most likely be back to order more products!

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