Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Huge selection of quality brand items at great prices.-Tidebuy Reviews

Maybe some of you know Tidebuy and bought some items from them, if so, how do you comment Tidebuy? Do you satisfy with their products and customer service? You may say something here to help others to know Tidebuy.

My wonderful experience on Tidebuy.

Judging by all the great reviews on this site it seems that my review is not needed but here it is anyway. Tidebuy has a huge selection of quality brand items at great prices. Usually I can find it cheaper on Tidebuy than any of the retail stores. First off, the shipping is fantastic. It comes basically comes overnight and the best part is that it's free. Sometimes items can take maybe up to two or three days but I'm used to waiting the standard 7-14 so no complaint here. The have an excellent return policy, probably the best I've ever seen and you can alway's find your size which can sometime be daunting for me because I'm very tall and slender and that makes shopping for pants a nightmare. Tidebuy has totally eliminated that problem. The only down side is when an item goes out of stock it takes quite sometime for them to restock it so when this happens chances are you should just check somewhere else other wise you will be waiting for it for a long time. Tidebuy is definitely one of the best sites I have ever had the honor of dealing with.

Nice shopping experience here.

Tidebuy is THE best site from which to order shoes and clothes. There is free shipping both ways but I've only ever had to return one item and it wasn't Tidebuy's fault but the shoe manufacturer's misrepresentation of their sizes which ran smaller than they stated. Tidebuy couldn't have been more helpful. It was as simple as clicking a box to return the shoes and they immediately responded, asking my preferences, I chose having my return shipping label emailed to me for printing at my convenience. It arrived immediately. My credit card was reimbursed promptly with no problems. 

Tidebuy has put customer service at the top of their list in importance and it shows. A bonus: Not only are their representatives efficient and helpful on the phone, they're funny too! I would recommend Tidebuy.com to anyone anywhere any time. Order by 1pm and you'll have it the next day! It doesn't get any better than that!

The above are two customer reviews on Tidebuy is helpful for you? If you still want to know more, please continue to read our tidebuy reviews here. 

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