Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Never had a bad thing to say, Great service.-Tidebuy Reviews

Wow, I guess you'll never regret to click this page, because what you'll read below is so important and useful for your online shopping. This is a platform to show tidebuy customer reviews, from which you can know clearly on Tidebuy. Just 2 minutes, enjoy. 

“I had an issue with the website and called up customer...”

I had an issue with the website and called up customer service they were AWESOME!!! And after wearing the boots for about a month there was a manufacturing defect with the sole of the shoe. I called up Tidebuy and they were super helpful and even sent me a awesome coupon!:D yes i know that some of the prices are a bit higher but for the amount of care and help that they give there customers it is soooooo worth every penny.

“Tidebuy.com is an exemplary website”

Tidebuy.com is an exemplary website. Not a scam! Everything arrives in exactly 2 business days and they give you a year to return the product if you never got around to using it. Amazeballs!

“Never had a bad experience with Tidebuy.com”

Never had a bad experience with Tidebuy.com. Wonderful selection of items. The website is super easy to use. Returns are no problem.

“I was browsing online looking for a VANS wallet”

I was browsing online looking for a VANS wallet. Only to find out that I would have to pay shipping cost plus tax on their actual website including (pacsun, tillys, etc). Then I came across Tidebuy.com and wasn't sure if I should place my order since it was too good to be true because of the free shipping in any order. I ordered it Sunday night and wow!!! It got delivered to me on Wednesday. I'm very impressed with the product and the shipping. I'm definitely going to tell my friends and family about this awesome site and I'll most likely be back to order more products!

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