Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tidebuy wins my heart.-Tidebuy Reviews

Hello, everyone, do you want to do some shopping on Tidebuy? How much you know on Tidebuy? Maybe you can read some tidebuy reviews here.

“This is a phenomenal company”

This is a phenomenal company. I have always received my order within just days, and they provide free shipping on initial orders, returns and exchanges. If you want or need to return your item, no need to explain why, and the time period in which to do so is vast. When ever I've had an exchange, I've always received the new item within one-two days! Great customer service, this company cares very much about their customer relationships. They will do anything to make their patrons happy.

“Tidebuy wins my heart!”

Tidebuy wins my heart! I order a lot & will be a repeat customer. They answer their phones PROMPTLY. No long holds. They ship quickly & make returns easy & free! I'm not afraid to try things to make sure they work as it's sometimes the case with online ordering. I wish more companies would adopt their customer service techniques. Everyone is friendly. I've only once received a product with a flaw, but they made things right immediately without causing me a hassle. Absolute best customer service.

“Site easy to navigate”

Site easy to navigate. Ships quickly, returns are easy. Prices for majority of shoes are significantly below that of brick-and-morter stores.

“I ordered a pair of shoes a few months ago and upon...”

I ordered a pair of shoes a few months ago and upon receiving them, I thought they might be too big, but I was afraid that the next size down would be too small. I wore them around the house for awihle before putting them in my closet and forgetting about them. I found them recently and decided to return them and try the smaller size. Thanks to Tidebuy' fantastic 365 day return policy, I was able to return them without a problem, even though it had been several months. When I called customer service about the return, they were extremely helpful and nice...the epitome of how customer service should be. They paid the return postage for me to ship the bigger size back and covered the postage on the new ones. Even though I had bought the original shoes on sale and they were not any longer, they didn't charge me any more to send me the other pair. To top things off, I got my new pair in 2 days! I could not be more happy with the service and would recommend this company to anyone.

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