Monday, April 18, 2016

I would highly recommend- Tidebuy Reviews

Well, maybe most of you order shoes online and you may share some really reliable online shoes website with us. Today, tidebuy reviews will recommend Tidebuy to you. Maybe you will love it.

Absolutely amazing!
I felt compelled after speaking with a customer service representative to leave a review somewhere, anywhere! I ordered a wrong size and after being a bit concerned about how much trouble this was going to be, I contacted Tidebuy customer service line. The lady I spoke with completely handled everything and even sent out, faster than originally sent, my new correct size and just simply asked I return the other within 14 days. She was so pleasant and with the hassle I'm used to from other companies this was completely refreshing. I would recommend highly, Tidebuy to anyone!

Wonderful company

These guys are great--the pay for shipping both ways (including returns) and make it super easy. If you order a lot like I do, they even overnight you the items. Great selection, prices are ok. Love them.

After reading all these tidebuy customer reviews, what’s your opinion on tidebuy? Do you also want to go and see how about tidebuy?

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