I honestly love shopping on tidebuy.com because this site has amazing costumer service.-Tidebuy Reviews

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I had a problem with a dress i ordered to small because in the Netherlands we have other sizes, i went to te support and they have helped me so verry well. Verry nice people and verry good help! I got a refund, and when i got the mail about the refund it was already payed on my paypal account! Im going to order often by tidebuy, but watch better for the sizes before I order!! If i had to rate between 0 til 10...i give them a 12!! PERFECT SERVICE!!thanks again, with best regards from Monique from the Netherlands.

I have made many buys in tidebuy, maily sinthetic wigs, and I can see they all fitted nicely on me, very natural look and nice quality of hair. They free shipped and all the time, products have arrived within 10 to 15 days. I haven´t paid taxes upon arrival. I llike their custumer service and they have responded in 24 hours, the same time they take to make a refund if needed. 


I was so please with how much clothes and assortment you have to chose from!-Tidebuy Reviews

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I want to express my experience with them, they always answer fast my questions about size, time and more pictures of items. Their free shipping is not bad so I love buy with them because prices are low and no shipping is thebest thing ever in the life when you buy online! and actually items are the same as pictures!

I received my one piece halter bathing sit I ordered and I just love, love it. It fits perfectly and it is exactly as shown. One happy customer.

I absolutely love shopping on Tidebuy, dresslily has so many amazing products, clothes and accessories that are all so wonderful I wish I could have it all!

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I had several successful orders.-Tidebuy Reviews

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I had several successful orders with tidebuy, generally items are exactly as described, for very competitive prices (especially if you look for discounts). There is also a cool reward system which cut my last order price by an additional $6 from already low prices. In one instance in particular there was a problem with the shipment, I contacted their customer service and they were very helpful and we were able to sort it out to my satisfaction.


Sexy & Elegant High Heels-Tidebuy Reviews

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This review is to help several others who might be skeptical about ordering from Tidebuy just like I was at first due to the numbers of negative reviews. I had to take the chance and ordered my wedding dress and honeymoon swimwear even when friends were against it but to my amazement the dresses delivered were just want I wanted; slick and tender on my skin, the wedding dress.

Now I can't wait for the said date to come. 


Beautiful Bridesmaid Dress-Tidebuy Reviews

This is my tidebuy reviews after shopping from Tidebuy.

I ordered from you for a wedding. The dress came the afternoon before, and I LOVE it. So pretty. It looked great on me, and I thought it was perfect for the wedding. Thank you so much!...

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I was a bit nervous ordering beautifully looking dresses online.
But I was not disappointed.
The dresses are well made, and fit according to the specific. designer's measurements. I also love the natural cotton and linen fabric.


Cute Fashion Dog-Tidebuy Reviews

Look at the following dogs, they're so fashion and cute! Also, you can read some tidebuy reviews here.

Absolutely love their great selection of fashion clothes. All trendy and fab and so much to choose from! I'm excited every time my orders arrive! I am pleased with all but one dress I received last week which is a little too short. I returned easily and without any hassle at all. Easy return process and their website is so good. The prices are reasonable, their flash sales are to watch out for. It's the ultimate online shopping experience. Love these guys!!!

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Everything was received as ordered and in a timely manner-Tidebuy Reviews

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Everything was received as ordered and in a timely manner.Great prices awesome selection of accessories.The staff is always very attentive.They never disappoint me thanks again I'll be back.

I bought something, I didn't want to keep it, I contacted Tidebuy by e-mail, I got a prompt response (offering a credit AND keep the item, or return for credit), I elected refund, I received a return label (with a California address), I returned the item, and two days after it was delivered in CA, I received a refund. So--everything went really well!

I was looking for a nice elegant mini dress to wear at parties, and price was important to me. So I came across this cute black dress at tidebuy that I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. The price was just perfect and they had my size. It was a no-brainer. So I placed my order and the dress arrived in 2 weeks as expected. I was delighted to see my new favorite dress in my hands. It feels great, fits me perfectly, and never fails to attract compliments. Thank you tidebuy. I will be back to buy more stuff from you.

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Sharing Your Shopping Experience on Tidebuy-Tidebuy Reviews

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I had ordered a red dress several months ago and it did not fit. I contacted the company and they offered to refund my money or get a credit and keep the dress which I cannot wear. I like a lot of their stuff so I decided to get the credit. I just received a dress that is great. It is like a shirt dress in white with flowers interspersed, not too many, very simple dress with 3/4 sleeves and a button down collar. It is a bit long but it is the midi dress. I will wear it with a belt and it'll look great. Also, 100% cotton so it will shrink in wash which is ok. The size was M and fits every where else. I am 5.4 and 130lbs. Great dress when you live in a warm climate. Everything was professionally handled and great customer service.

I loved the styles at Tidebuy and ordered a cute red dress for my 40th wedding anniversary (at least it was cute on the model) However, it didn't work out for me. The fabric quality was nice and the style was very cute, just not on me! I received the dress in a very timely manner and in good condition. Since it did not work out for me, I returned it. However I didn't see the refund in my checking account and was concerned. I contacted Tidebuy by email and got an immediate response from a person by the name of Tiffany. She walked me through the process and followed up on my order which had now been returned over 60 days. She was in daily contact with me until it was resolved. Well, I discovered that I had ordered it through PayPal instead of my checking account and my refunded had been posted promptly after the dress was returned after all. I was/am a bit embarrassed to say the least! I would not hesitate to order from Tidebuy again. My experience was great, even though this particular dress did not work out. The company sto0d by and beyond their return policy and made sure that I was a satisfied customer.

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Amazing & Charming Wedding Dress - Tidebuy Reviews

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This was the first time I've shopped at Tidebuy and it definitely won't be my last. The customer service is fantastic. They are very genuine, patient and polite and responded to my questions quickly and thoroughly via email. I screwed up my online order and they resolved the issue right on the spot as well. I was worried that the sizing wouldn't be accurate, but the dress I ordered fit perfectly and looks fantastic on! I also ordered a couple of pairs of pants, but they were way too short. I have long legs, but thought they would fit according to the size chart recommendations. However, I didn't realize that the pants were high-waisted which changed the measurements. My own fault. The return policy is easy and quick so I don't mind taking these chances!