Sunday, August 28, 2016

I honestly love shopping on because this site has amazing costumer service.-Tidebuy Reviews

This is one customer's tidebuy reviews, hope you'll learn something from it after reading it.

I had a problem with a dress i ordered to small because in the Netherlands we have other sizes, i went to te support and they have helped me so verry well. Verry nice people and verry good help! I got a refund, and when i got the mail about the refund it was already payed on my paypal account! Im going to order often by tidebuy, but watch better for the sizes before I order!! If i had to rate between 0 til 10...i give them a 12!! PERFECT SERVICE!!thanks again, with best regards from Monique from the Netherlands.

I have made many buys in tidebuy, maily sinthetic wigs, and I can see they all fitted nicely on me, very natural look and nice quality of hair. They free shipped and all the time, products have arrived within 10 to 15 days. I haven´t paid taxes upon arrival. I llike their custumer service and they have responded in 24 hours, the same time they take to make a refund if needed. 

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