Thursday, September 22, 2016

"I recommended the good service."-Tidebuy Reviews

Some people love to read some tidebuy reviews before shopping, and how about you? Yes, it's very useful for you to read some reviews before shopping because you can know so much from it.

I'd love to read the following tidebuy reviews with you all, hope we can talk with each other.

Absolutely brilliant service quick and efficient service and great products. I recommended the good service.

It's really tough choices whether to order or not to order after seeing many bad reviews, but i decide to order it anyway. And I'd like to help fellas out there who hesitate to buy tidebuy great product, yes i said 'great' because i'm really satisfied by them right now. I know it's hard to believe it, but i'm sure you will find something after reading this review. 
So about the shipping, the deal is "Free shipping for any order over 60$" well that was a plus point, but it's "free" will that be good? I was ready to take the consequence but when the order arrives they surprised me by really paying to the details, you know it's a professional job when they care about the details, so the bag arrive with no problem at all. But i'm a bit disappointed you know, because it arrive so fast that i must hide it to surprise my wife ;).

And that's it, i waste all my time just to write all of this not because of nothing. So don't hesitate buddy, if you still then try it, because the ratio is 1/2 which is "good" or "bad". If it's good, then i'm glad to help you. If it's bad, well human make mistake and there's always a second chance, if it's still happen then it's appropriate to leave a bad review.

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