Monday, March 20, 2017

Tidebuy Real Customer Reviews

Today, tidebuy reviews will show you some information from sitejabber. You can know so much on Tidebuy, such as quality, shipping, value, service, returns and so on. After reading this, you can decide weather go shopping on Tidebuy or not.

Let's firstly look at the screenshot and then I will show some tidebuy customer reviews for you.

From the picture, you can see that there're totally 1553 reviews from the customers on Tidebuy and you can also see there're good and bad comments. But you can know there're 1118 five stars good reviews from 1553. Which shows that Tidebuy is a reliable online shop. Also, you can see that our service,value, quality are almost 5 stars. The shipping and the return are both in high score. So, now,I think you can understand that how about Tidebuy.

Moreover, I can show some tidebuy reviews from sitejabber, just feel free reading them.

"Totally Worth It"
"I was very skeptical about ordering my wedding dress online. However a colleague at work encouraged me to visit this site.I fell in love with the options and my found my dream dress. However it was only afterwards when I had ordered the dress and everything that I saw the same dress on another website for less. Nevertheless I will encourage everyone to shop on tidebuy. I was no disappointed and the customer service was excellent. They answered all my questions"

"I had my doubts, BUT I am completely satisfied"
"I want to compliment Tidebuy on order number 1310449.

I ordered 37 dresses as stock for my dress shop. I requested that they all be shipped together to arrive at my premises at the same time. I got very worried when it took longer than my previous order with Tidebuy. Then I read very negative feedback on the internet and got even more worried! But, when the order arrived, I was completely satisfied. They sent all the dresses together (as I requested), the quality of the dresses are very good and I received the correct colours and sizes.

Tidebuy, thank you very much for your effort! I will definitely order from them again."

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