Sunday, May 28, 2017

Tidebuy K8 Sport Waterproof Smart watch Reviews

Hello, all, as you know that Tidebuy is a big fashion world for all kinds of dresses, high heels, jewelries and so on, but you may not know that Tidebuy also offers you some electronics products, such as the sport watch. Today, tidebuy reviews will share K8 Sport Waterproof Smart watch Support Blood Pressure & Heart Rate Monitoring with you, I guess you'll like it after knowing the details.

These are 2 pictures of the sport watch, you can clearly see its shape and color. But you can't know its functions. So tidebuy electronics reviews will introduce some details for you.

Function: Passometer,Fitness Tracker,Heart Rate Tracker,Smart Reminder,Waterproof,Push Message 
Compatible System: iOS,Android,BlackBerry,Windows Mobile,MIUI,Symbian,All CompatibleWireless Distance: 5-10mDial Shape: Rectangle

If you are looking for an excellent FitBit alternative that won't break your budget, then you have come to the right place. This activity tracker/heart rate monitor isn't flawless, but a couple of small software tweaks, and this device would easily rival far more expensive activity trackers. I've been using this fitness band for 4 days now, and here are my thoughts so far: Hardware/Build: 5/5 - The activity/fitness band is extremely comfortable to wear, and you will hardly notice it is there. I am coming from wearing a Moto 360 Sport, which feels huge in comparison to this fitness band. The band itself also feels very durable, and thankfully it is also IPX 6 waterproof rated. To me that is a necessary thing to include in a fitness band. In this case the band can take on heavy sweat and rain, but you shouldn't go swimming with it. The Battery: 5/5 - The 5-7 day battery claim is very accurate. I've been using it for 4 days as my only watch, and it has continutally been connected to my phone through Bluetooth that entire time. After 4 full days of using the watch I still have around 30% battery remaining. This is completely shocking to me considering it only has a 60 mAH battery. To top it off, this can charge in your computers USB drive for about a hour and go from 0% to 100%. So the battery lasts a long time, and it charges very quickly, so that's an easy 5/5 stars. Notifications: 4/5 - This is an activity tracker, and not a smartwatch, but with that said, it can give you notifications from your phone for a multitude of apps including SMS, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, WeChat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Linkdin, etc.... The messages it displays on the watch aren't all that great to view, but it is nice to know where the notification is coming from to know whether you need to look at it right away on your phone.

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